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Woman meet Debian

Hello debian-events-*

My name is Yehuda Korotkin and I teach technologies in one of leading colleges for women in Israel.

I thought about the possibility of introduce Debian and the Debian community to the girls that i teach.
Our girls will install Debian Linux for the first time in their lives next week. 
I would like to take them on a journey in the open source world (from installation to community behind code). 
And give them a feeling of welcome and belonging.

I think would be fun and interesting to make a video conference call with community and give them a general explanation about Debian, introduce them to the community and get them welcome to the world of Debian and encouraging women for technology

We planing to make international video conference with few organizations (for example Debian WomenWITI and more)
that will motivate and explain about contributing to open source.  

Might be that international press will document this event

We could allocate up to 45 minutes for this conference.

Would you like to contribute ? :-)


Yehuda Korotkin

web www.korotkin.co.il

mobile +972 (50) 414-6444

email yehuda@korotkin.co.il

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