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Travel feature on your Hotel/Resort

Respected professional,

 Permit us to introduce ourselves. We are a leading travel features
 website with 20,000 registered users who visit our site for travel
 information plus strategies.

 We would like to barter a 3N/2D stay at your hotel/resort in exchange
 for a
 2000 word travel feature on our portal with 15-20 colour photographs.

 After your hotel is featured on our portal, this article is published
 in leading travel magazines, if they find it suited for their magazines.

 If interested to barter a 3N/4D stay during your LOW SEASON or during
 months where you have LOW OCCUPANCY, please reply blank email with
 YESTRAV* in the subject,

 if not interested, please reply blank email with NOTRAV* in the
 subject and to be removed from this private mailing list reply blank
 email with
 NONO_hotel_resort* in the Subject line of your mail.

 * extremely case sensitive.

 Once you respond, we will email you.

 1. Link to a 2000 word travel feature with 15 photos sponsored by
 Pimalai Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand 2. Same travel feature published
 in a leading Travel and Lifestyle Magazine

 Your travel feature link will be emailed to our 20,000 registered users.


 Travel Features Team - India

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