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Report: Utrecht BSP

The weekend of 14-15 June, seven different people gathered in Utrecht to
work towards the next release of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 "Lenny". Although
attendance was less than hoped, still significant amounts of work were
performed, for example:

 * Testing the beta2 installer on various platforms;
 * Triaging, researching, patching and resolving various release
   critical bugs;
 * Unblocking packages fixed in unstable for moving to Lenny, and
   removing buggy non-critical packages from Lenny;
 * Working towards the POSIX compliant shell scripts release goal
   through testing and patching known bugs;
 * Work on various other non-critical bugs, including work on Samba 4;
 * Moving forums.debian.net from under someone's desk to an official
   Debian server, improving reliability and responsiveness of this
   popular service.

We would like to thank A-Eskwadraat and Utrecht University for the
supplied facilities, and Stichting NLnet Foundation for supplying
complementary food and drinks for the participants.

The organisers:
Thijs Kinkhorst, Jeroen van Wolffelaar and Bas Zoetekouw

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