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CAcert needs system admin help on their Debian GNU/Linux / *BSD machines in Nld


Evaldo Gardenali, Board member and secretary of CAcert, Inc., member of
the Management Subcommittee, member of the systems administration team
is looking for system admin help on CAcert machines in the Netherlands:

Op Thu  6 Mar 2008 om 12:23:44 -0300 schreef Evaldo Gardenali:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 11:33:31AM +0100, Teus Hagen wrote on behalf
> of Evaldo Gardenali:
>> We currently use Linux on all our servers, but for the future, it is
>> possible that we migrate some systems to *BSD flavors. Some of the
>> software packages we use are: MoinMoin wiki, Mantis bug tracking system,
>> Subversion, WordPress.
>> Up to now, CAcert had a very small systems administration team. With the
>> Audit process gaining speed, Systems Administration now faces a huge
>> amount of documentation and policy work in order to have the critical
>> systems audited. We are also on the process of moving our servers to the
>> Netherlands, and this involves a fair amount of work, and need for
>> continuity. This means we need more people to work on the non-critical
>> services and eventually more people working on the documentation and
>> review of the critical systems. All this is part of the plan to get
>> included in the browsers' root lists.
>> We are looking for people who want to join our team on a more long-term
>> basis, instead of short eventual jobs.
>> For those who are interested in such position, we would like more
>> information about you, and possibly a curriculum vitae or resumé.
>> Feel free to contact us about any further questions or doubts
> We currently use debian on our servers.
> The positions are on volunteer basis, as CAcert is a non-profit
> association, and by not charging for certificates, we have no income
> (nor desire, right now) to employ administrators in paid jobs. We do
> however cover the costs of eventual trips to datacenters and things
> like  that.

Mail naar Evaldo Gardenali en Teus Hagen voor meer informatie.



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