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Re: Travel to FOSDEM

Op vr, 16-02-2007 te 12:48 +0100, schreef Thijs Kinkhorst:
> Hi all,

Hi Thijs,

> Next week is FOSDEM in Brussel/Bruxelles. Jeroen van Wolffelaar and I
> are planning to take the following train:
> 10.33  Utrecht Centraal
> 11.25  Rotterdam Centraal
> 13.16  Brussel-Centraal
> So we can spend an afternoon in the city and are well on time for the
> Friday night borrel.
> If anyone is planning on travelling at the same time on this route or
> similar plans, contact us so we can travel together.

I will take the same trains, so we could travel together from Utrecht. I
guess we can call each other when you're getting on the train in
Utrecht. My cell phone number is 0629148383.

Greetings Arjan. 

p.s. my travelplan is 
  9:14  Zwolle
 10:10  Amersfoort
(10:33  Utrecht Centraal)
 11:25  Rotterdam Centraal
 13:16  Brussel Centraal

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