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Mini Bug Squashing Party - Wed 18 October in Utrecht

Hello all!

Given that the general freeze has been put back due to too many bugs,
and our previous BSP was quite a success, Jeroen, Bas and myself are
organising another evening of Bug Squashing. A mini-BSP?

This will take place this Wednesday, the 18th of October, at Study
Association A-Eskwadraat, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Basically, it means
that Jeroen, Bas and I will be present for an evening of fixing bugs,
and anyone else interested is welcome to join in.

We'll start at around 17.00 and food can be ordered.

Some more details are at http://wiki.debian.org/BSP_Utrecht_2006 ,
contact either of us ({jeroen,bas,thijs}@debian.org) with questions.

Hope to see you Wednesday!


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