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Practical info for Debian BSP in Utrecht this weekend


(this mail is also sent to debian-events-{nl,eu} because it's still possible for
people to attend last-minute. If you plan to come, please do add your name to
the wiki and/or send us a mail)

Tomorrow the Debian BSP Utrecht will start. In this mail, you will find some
practical information about the event.



The bug squashing party will take place in the rooms of Study Association
A-Eskwadraat, room 169 on the 1st floor of the Buys-Ballot Laboratory (BBL),
Utrecht University. The address of the building is Princetonplein 5.




If you come by public transport, go to Utrecht Centraal (main railroad
station) first, which is possible by direct connections from Schiphol
(24h/day), and by ICE from Germany. Then, go to the city busses ("stadsbus",
not "streekbus"), and take bus line 11 (goes only one way). Ask the driver to
indicate the stop "Botanische Tuinen" (first stop on the Uithof). From there,
see the red line on the map linked to above, it points to the entrance of the
BBL, the BSP itself is on the 1st floor in the red ellipse, room 169.

If you write your planned arrival time on the wiki, maybe you can catch up
with other BSP-goers or some locals, so that you really can't miss it. In case
of problems, use our phone number.

If you come by car, go to Utrecht-East, A27/A28, and follow "UMC" (first exit
on A28) when you're near. Use any route-planner online for more details. See
the map linked above for the best parking lot, parking is free there (but
non-free on most other parking lots at the university). It also happens to be
right in front of the entrance :).

Entering the venue:

Opening times of the BBL entrance door are:
- Friday: 8:00 - 21:00
- Saturday: 10:30 - 17:30
- Sunday: closed

Outside opening hours, you need to phone the BSP to have someone open the
entrance, there is no other way. The phone number is +31-30-253 4499, and
there will always be someone there. When the door is closed, it's important to
not let anybody not from the BSP in -- the building is officially closed, and
people who have the right to be there have an access-card. So please don't be
polite there.


Unlike what was on the wiki earlier, we cannot be in the building 24h/day, but
'only' from 8:00 until 24:00. We've arranged enough crash-space, but please
bring along a (inflatable) mattress, blanket, cussion, and any other sleeping
gear you might want, unless otherwise arranged with someone. We'll arrange who
sleeps where on location.


We'll have dinner delivered on Friday and Sunday, on Saturday, we'll go into
the city to have dinner. Breakfast/lunch/beverages are available on location.

Squashing facilities:

We've got open wireless, and sufficient switches onto our 100MBit network.
Please bring along your own network cable if you need one to plug it into one
of our switches. If you need powerplugs/converters/adapters, of course bring

We also have 6 workstations where you can get a temporary shell account.  They
run Debian Stable, easiest for all is if you can ssh into some remote computer
you control.

Squashing presentation:

I plan to give a brief presentation on how to squash bugs saturday morning
(not really sure yet though). Oh, if someone feels like giving it him/herself
instead, please contact me :).


http://www.a-eskwadraat.nl/webcam (down for maintainance tonight though).


We'll use #debian-bugs on irc.debian.org for squashing coordination, and
#debian-nl for social 'coordination'.


Thanks to our generous sponsor NLnet, we're able to provide all facilities,
food, beverages, in-city transport etc for free.


Always use +31-30-2534499 to reach an organiser-on-duty. When we're all out,
we'll have that number patched through to someone's mobile.

You can also reach us at debiandevelopers@a-eskwadraat.nl, or irc
(#debian-nl on irc.debian.org).

See you tomorrow!

Jeroen van Wolffelaar
Jeroen@wolffelaar.nl (also for Jabber & MSN; ICQ: 33944357)

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