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[hardware-donation] Rackmountable 19" case(s) [Utrecht, NL]

Debian has been offered two 19" cases.  They are located in Utrecht,
NL.  Does anyone have any use of them (that is Debian related)?

> I've got two leftover 19" cases here including powersupply. One is 4U
> and totally fine, the other is 2U and misses some part such that
> PCI-cards can not be attached firmly. The second one is therefore only
> really usable if you accept that your PCI-cards will be a bit loose, or
> if you don't need PCI.
> I'm willing to donate at least one, maybe both, of these cases to Debian
> if someone has a good, Debian-related use for it. Do you know of any
> need for such cases?
> Please let me know in the short term (let's say, two weeks), especially
> if *not* interested, because I would then get rid of them in another
> way.

Please respond to hardware-donations@debian.org
Martin Michlmayr

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