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FYI: Jeff Waugh van Ubuntu komt naar Amsterdam:




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Announcing... the Badger Badger Badger Tour!


I will be travelling for a month and a half, criss-crossing the northern
hemisphere, to bring the world of Ubuntu to your doorstep. Expect badgers,
mushrooms, schnaaaaaakes, an awful lot of Ubuntu CDs, and a healthy dose of
madcap hijinks! If you would like to catch up with me during my journey, add
your details to the wiki page, or reply to this email.

Where will I be?

 * Boston for the GNOME Summit
 * London to check out our office
 * Amsterdam for EuroOSCON
 * Milan for Smau e-Academy
 * Montreal for UbuntuBelowZero
 * (US tour surprise - see below!)
 * Mexico City for GULEV

So... What's the surprise? Well, I've left a big gap open in my itinerary
for you to fill in! It's kinda like reality TV, but without the TV, and with
a lot more airline food. Here's how it works:

Would you like me to visit your local LUG or Ubuntu LoCo Team? If you live
in a US city with a major airport, and can arrange a venue and audience on
one of these dates, you have the chance to rearrange my itinerary in your

All you have to do is create a virtual petition of twenty supporters - the
more creative the better. You could get twenty of your user group members to
post their support on a mailing list thread... You could get twenty friends
to blog about it... You could put up a photo of your LoCoTeam in a huge
Ubuntu circle... Or you could come up with something even cooler!

 * Send your entry to me, Jeff Waugh <jeff.waugh@ubuntu.com>

 * Submissions close September 30th. The first ones in will be the easiest
   to award - get in quick!

 * Please include a link to your virtual petition, along with your contact
   details (phone number, in particular)

Good luck, Ubunteros!

- Jeff

UbuntuBelowZero                       http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBelowZero

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