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[joey@infodrom.org: Debian booth at upcoming Linux@work Europe 2002 tour]


Wie is er van plan komende donderdag naar Linux@work in Amsterdam (
http://www.ltt.de/linux-at-work.2002/amsterdam.shtml ) te gaan?  Het zou
mooi zijn als er iemand met een auto mij een lift zou kunnen geven; dan
zou ik wel een booth willen bemensen.



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We've received an offer to staff a booth at the Linux@work Europe 2002
conference tour <http://www.ltt.de/linux-at-work.2002/>.

The dates for the tour are:

   Brussels - June 5, 2002
   Amsterdam - June 6, 2002

   Frankfurt - June 11, 2002
   Zurich - June 12, 2002
   Milan - June 13, 2002

Linux@work is aimed at business, so thos of you who would like to
staff a booth, should probably wear "well clothes".  A suit is not
required, would be fine, of course, but black trousers and a Debian
shirt will definitively be sufficient.

If somebody is interested in one of these, please get in touch with me



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