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Re: [debian.nl] Debian project @ Linux-Kongress, November 2001

Previously Martin Schulze wrote:
> [ This mail goes to developers@debian.nl as bcc since I've gotton the
>   feeling that not everybody interested is reading
>   debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org.  However, discussion should take
>   place on debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org. ]

I suspect almost nobody here read debian-events-eu. I don't even
remember it being announced :(

>      items.  However, since I don't know everything and, for example, we
>      have Mr. dpkg around, other developer will have to explain certain
>      things as well.  Oh, and apart from that, I'm not sure if my
>      english will be sufficient, but I'll find out soon.

English will be sufficient.

>   Regarding wednesday evening, is there a place in the city where we
>   can have dinner?  In the past it was always appreciated to have
>   dinner together.

We can, however that will require some form of transporatation to
the city. I will have a car, and I suspect a few others as well so
that should not be a problem. There is also a restaurant/mensa on campus.

>   There will be a social event on tuesday evening.  We should probably
>   go there as well, all speaker and many attendees will take part.  n
>   Linux-Kongress' social events were always fun.

I remember one with very loud annoying music were everyone ran away
within 5 minutes after the band started :)


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