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[debian.nl] New maintainer for "dutch"?


I've maintained the package "dutch" for a few years now.  It's a Dutch
wordlist, and it generates the Debian packages "idutch" (Ispell dictionary)
and "wdutch" (/usr/share/dict wordlist).

The dictionary packages for various languages have a lot in common and
they try to cooperate so that for example a user only has to choose
a default dictionary once.  Recently that common framework has been
under development again, and I find that I don't have enough time to
keep up.  Also, I was asked to translate the templates for it to Dutch, 
and I discovered that my Dutch is getting a little rusty.

I'd like to give this package to someone who can take better care of it,
and I think it should be someone who speaks Dutch.

The package currently doesn't have any bugs open against it.  I have
lost contact with the upstream maintainer, but I haven't tried very
hard to find him either.

Richard Braakman

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