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Re: [debian.nl] mailing list information

On Fri, Nov 09, 2001 at 01:00:00PM +0100, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> Quoting Joost van Baal (joostvb-debdev-20011109-10520@mdcc.cx):
> > > How can I subscribe to "developers@debian.nl"?
> > mail -s subscribe debdev-request@info.cistron.nl < /dev/null
> developers-request@debian.nl should work.

Oops...  Sorry for causing confusion.

> > > Is there an archive of this list?
> > I am not aware of any.
> There is, I forgot where i put it though :)

List-Archive: <http://www.hoho.nl/pipermail/developers/>

as the headers say ;-)



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