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Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam

On 2000-12-06 15:25, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
>[FOLLOW-UPS to debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org please]

I've just started trying to subscribe to that list.

>Since this is a Dutch event, language will be (mainly) Dutch from now on.
>Unless requested otherwise of course.

I'm afraid that my knowledge of Dutch isn't great enough to enable me to 
participate in the discussion unless it's in English.

I will be at the show.  I have just been informed that my presentation on 
"New File Storage Technology in Linux" has been accepted (but it's not yet 
mentioned on the web page.
This will limit my ability to contribute to the Debian stand, but I'll drop 
in regularly and I'll be happy to have people directed to me if they have 
questions that match the areas that I know about.  After my presentation is 
over (afternoon of the 24th) I'll probably spend the rest of the show at the 
Debian stand (if there's room).

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