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MiniDebConf Online 28-31 May

== MiniDebConf Online ==

The first ever online Mini-Debconf will be taking place from 28-31 May 2020, and it wants YOUR submissions to help make it a success! 

In this MiniDebConf, we aim to put our online resources to the test and find areas for improvement to have even better online events in the future. It will also be great for us to see each other again, even if only on screen, and transform that energy into renewed motivation to work on new or ongoing projects.

== Call for Proposals ==

We welcome submissions on all manner of Debian-related topics, both technical and social.  Submissions for talks should be sent to online-cfp@debconf.org by 22 May 2020. BoFs (workshops/small group sessions) can be submitted throughout.

Your email should include:
     * The proposed title
     * Duration (either lightning talk (5m), 20m or 45m (allotted time includes questions)
     * A short abstract
     * The format (whether it's a talk or a BoF)

Presentation slots are allocated based on talk type, length and availability.

== Dates ==

28-29 May: MiniDebCamp Online
30-31 May: MiniDebConf Online

== Video Recordings ==

Unless speakers opt-out when submitting a talk, recordings of talks and events will be published later under the [DebConf License] (MIT/Expat), as well as presentation slides and papers wherever available.

[DebConf License]: https://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/LICENSE

All the best, 
The Mini-Debconf Online Team.

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