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[ID: 501303801] <rmiller@millerlawtulsa.com> 16/11/2018 03:51:23 I extremely suggest you to study that letter, just to ensure absolutely nothing may happen

Hey.. .


This letter won't take too much of your study time, and so right to the condition. I obtained a movie of you fighting the purple helmet warrior when at a pornweb site you are went to see, thanks to an excellent arse application I've was able to place on a couple of internet sites with that kind of material. 

You hit play and all of the cams and a mic begin working it also will save every darn thing through your personal pc, just like contact information, security passwords or shit such as that, think just where i have this e mail from?) So now i know just who my goal is to send that to, just in case you not necessarily planning to negotiate this with me.

I am going to place a account address under for you to hit me 690 $ in 3 dayz utmost via bitcoin. Notice, it's not that huge of a value to cover, guess that makes me not that bad of a person.

You're welcome to do whatever da shit you want to, but if i will not see the total within the time period mentioned above, well... you by now understand what will happen.

Thus it is your responsibility right now. I'm not gonna move through everything and stuff, just simply ain't got precious time for that and also you most likely know that internet is flooded with letters such as this, therefore it's also your decision to believe in this not really, there is certainly only one way to uncover.

This is the bitcoin address- 1NU65qoHj7NC5Bp4oy3eC33zRh6jst9vz1 

Have fun and keep in mind that time clock is beating)

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