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Tiсkеt#492276920 <unsubicgaattafmxaxa@behiirrig.bmyms.com> 30/10/2018 01:34:45 Everything is in your hands


You can complain to the police but nobody can solve your problem.I am foreigner.So nobody can trace me even for 9 weeks.

We upload a malware on your devise.We recorded you through your webcam,during your porn-site visit.And now we have a video material with you,touching your intimate parts. 

I copied all your contacts and if you want us to stay silent you should send 680 USD in bitcoins.

Copy this bitcoin address - 1L1uEZXPDg2pACeCSraiudYeUxfEbDhweE

(something like a credit card number). You have 28 hours after you open my letter for making the transaction.

Good luck.Think about the ignominy.

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