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TOMORROW: Debian/Ubuntu bug-squashing hackathon, SIPB, January 11


When: Sat Jan 11 1:00pm - late
Where: W20-557 <http://sipb.mit.edu/office/>
What: Debian/Ubuntu bug-squashing hackathon <http://sipb.mit.edu/iap/#8>
Who: Anybody who wants to get involved with Linux distribution development

This is an opportunity both to get a little more familiar with the
systems that many SIPB projects build on, and to give back to them and
the larger free software community.

We're currently in between the last alpha and the first beta of Ubuntu's
next "Long Term Support" release, as well as in the middle of the
development cycle of Debian's. SIPB has run this sort of hackathon a
couple of times before, and it's been popular and has gotten good work

We'll have a couple of Debian and Ubuntu developers to help you with
understanding how these projects work and to help get fixes into Debian
and Ubuntu.

If you're looking to get involved with a SIPB project that uses Debian
or Ubuntu and particularly Debian packaging, I especially encourage you
to come, as this will be a good chance to learn more about packaging and
potentially to help these projects by getting some of our local fixes
upstream. As with all SIPB hackathons, we'll be getting snacks and
dinner. We hope to see you there!

This event is open to anyone interested in developing the Debian and/or
Ubuntu platforms.

Please send questions to sipb-iap-bsp@mit.edu.

Luke Faraone, on behalf of SIPB

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