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Re: 2013 SouthEast LinuxFest

begin  quotation  from Jeremy Sands (in <op.wt2q4sjnahtv10@satelliteoflove>):
> We would love to have Debian man a booth and submit talks to the
> 2013 SouthEast LinuxFest.
> Our event is June 7-9 in Charlotte, NC.   We expect about 1,000
> people.   The attendees and talks are very similar to that of SCaLE
> or OLF.   We'd be happy to extend Debian a free .edu/.org
> sponsorship.
> RFP:  http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/rfp2013/form.html

I think this should be read on debian-events-na.


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coerced, comply as much as you must to protect yourself, just don't support
it. Noone can free you but yourself. (crag, on Debian Planet)
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