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Re: Questions about Debian materials/topics for NorthEastLinuxFest

Hi there!

If you drop debian-publicity@ (but you should not, Events stuff are
discussed there), please Cc: me, I am not subscribed to debian-project@.

On Sat, 25 Feb 2012 18:06:14 +0100, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> I am going to attend http://northeastlinuxfest.org (Saturday March 17,
> 2012) which this year has a theme of 'accessibility'.  Thanks to
> hospitality of Jonathan Nadeau [1], we will have our Debian table
> (among other projects e.g.  Fedora, OpenSUSE).

I added it to the Events page, it will be visible in the next hours:


> Unfortunately I have not heard yet from anyone interested to join me at
> the meeting (and possibly help at the table) thus keeping debian-project
> in CC.  I would be grateful for a helping hand/head!

Please note that debian-project@ is not the "correct" mailing list to
ask for event participation.  This should happen on the debian-events-*
mailing list and for North America there is already one (Cc:ed):


> Meanwhile, two topics I am seeking feedback on:
> 1. Setup/Request for materials
> * What is the status of Debian Events Box?
>   - is it available in any state of completeness?

Yes and no.

Yes if we consider the fact that we bought a machine, which was already
used at FOSDEM 2012 (BabelBox not fully configured) and at the Open
Source Now 2012 the week later (BabelBox running fine, thanks to Didier

No because we are missing some other components, in primis the Pelicase.
The major discussion about the latter is if we want a case big enough to
include a roll-up, thus improving Debian visibility.  Which means that I
am asking for roll-up prices as well ;-)

Please note that it is also no because we are looking for someone to
take responsibility of the second version for the American continents.
If no one will show up, it is sad but there will probably not be any
Events Box available for events there (shipping overseas the one I am
hosting in Switzerland is not a economically-sustainable option).

>   - imho it might be useful for the event box to have
>     some table cover or a runner with a Debian logo.
>     Was that discussed/suggested before?

At some point (FOSDEM 2011 or DebConf 2011, I do not remember) we had a
black table runner.  I do not know whom that belonged to, so I guess the
easiest way would be to buy a new one.

>     Do you think project (Zack?) would cover such an expense if I
>     order one?
>     (probably just a table runner, black or white, with logo on
>     the sides for it, so it could be generally useful for future
>     occasions)

If needed, as a member of the Events Team I fully agree with buying such
a table runner.  If approved, please Cc: the Events Team so we know what
Debian has ;-)

> * Do we have any give away materials (brochures, CDs) readily available
>   (may be unused from previous recent events)... or am I doomed to
>   burn/print a few? ;)

I have some Debian flyers that I planned to send to the Chemnitzer
Linux-Tage 2012:


AFAIK the last Debian DVDs produced for the CeBIT 2011 were finished at
FOSDEM 2012, so this means that no other optical media are officially
available from Debian.

>   I am still hoping to compile a brochure or tri-fold summarizing points
>   on the agenda [see below] for this linux fest.  Anyone willing to join
>   and help?

Again, please Cc: the Events Team with sources to such a brochure, so we
can re-use it (and I am sorry I have no free time to help you right

>   I think that Debian's infographic [4] from Claudio could be quite
>   useful while talking to people needing better understanding of the
>   Debian release flow etc so I hope to print a few of those as
>   well


> * Depending on the availability of power outlet I am planing  to
>   have my old router (asus wl500g) with DebWrt and a mirror of
>   Debian archive... so if outside connectivity becomes flake I would still
>   have ways to provide images of installer, and possibly install
>   interesting packages for demonstration if necessary.

Please use "BeLDi, the Belug (Linux) Distribution Burner", the Events
Team will use it on the official Events Box:


> Any additional ideas for "what to bring" (I will also be available
> for keysigning of cause ;) )

The "Organizing Debian presence" section on the Events page has (some
outdated) documentation on how to run a booth:


The Debian Wiki has a specific page about that:


> 2. My agenda
> A thread of thought to keep through:
>  "A derivative might be an inferior answer":
>  Debian is a "universal" platform in that it provides infrastructure to
>  facilitate development toward any field of endeavor.  Debian
>  sub-projects, blends, mentor/sponsorship flows allow ANYONE to get
>  involved in the project to achieve their accessibility goal while
>  benefiting from existing infrastructure, community and reach of
>  Debian.

I think Zack's graph illustrates your reply quite clearly:


Feel free to contact the Events Team if you have any further question.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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