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[scale-announce@socallinuxexpo.org: SCALE Registration opens. Speaker positions still available.]

We've received another invitation of the SCALE team.



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Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 15:50:08 -0800
To: joey@infodrom.org
From: SCALE Team <scale-announce@socallinuxexpo.org>
Subject: SCALE Registration opens. Speaker positions still available.

Due to the holidays the Calls For Proposals for SCALE 7x have been extended until December 10th, 2008. The Beginner and Developer tracks are almost full; there are still available spots in the three general audience speaker tracks. But if you're considering submitting a proposal, don't delay; the window of opportunity is closing!

OSSIE, the Open Source Software in Education seminar and WIOS, the Women in Open Source seminar still have open speaker spots in their Friday tracks. Their Calls for Papers close December 31st.

See http://scale7x.socallinuxexpo.org/conference-info/calls-for-papers for the directions to apply for a speaker slot.


SCALE is proud to announce that their cooperative efforts with LOPSA to make Linux training available at the Linux Expo will continue. SCALE University will again convene at SCALE 7x! 

Seats filled quickly for these intensive classes last year, and we expect that they will again be in high demand. The curriculum will have four classes available:

- Introduction to Virtualized Storage 
- Disaster Recovery: Will you survive? 
- Internal documentation for SysAdmins 
- Saving the World with Fedora Directory Server

Information on sign-ups for these classes will be announced soon.

There will be evening slots available again for ad hoc BOF (Birds Of a Feather) meetings . SCALE will start accepting applications for BOF slots beginning December 17, 2009.

Registration for SCALE 7X is open! Register now at https://socallinuxexpo.org/reg7/ for SCALE February 20th-22nd, 2009! 

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