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RE: Bay Area LUGs @ LinuxWorld

Title: RE: Bay Area LUGs @ LinuxWorld

To clarify, BALUG already has a booth.  We just need to confirm that we want it and coordinate with other LUGs if a folks want a joint booth.

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Subject: Re: Bay Area LUGs @ LinuxWorld

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How about a combined shared LUGs booth/table?

Many LUGs may not have enough resource to staff a booth/table for the whole event by themselves, but many/most can cover at least some hours, and likely also provide some materials (e.g. flyers/handouts).

This worked fairly well last year.  Would someone (perhaps from SF-LUG?) want to take lead on obtaining/coordinating such a booth?

Also, looks like Debian may not have a booth this year (LinuxWorld conflicts with Deb Camp - so most of the otherwise available DDs will be at Deb Camp and not LinuxWorld) ... but BAD would likely also be interested in some BAD/Debian representation at LinuxWorld too.


Quoting Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:

> Does BALUG booth at LinuxWorld in the .org pavillion?  If so we need
> to act quickly by 5/26.

> Maybe something in conjunction with SF-LUG, SVLUG, CABAL & PenLUG?
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> Subject: Fw: Your Invitation to LinuxWorld 's .Org Pavilion - deadline
> May 26th
> Hi Andrew,
> I am following up with the projects who have been invited to
> participate in the .org Pavilion at LinuxWorld this year. The deadline
> for responses is Monday, May 26th. At that time we will need to offer
> your place to another project. Please let me know if the Bay Area
> Linux Users Group is interested in participating at LinuxWorld in August.
> I have attached a contract below. Please return a signed copy if you
> will be able to attend and I will assign a booth to you.
> Regards,
> Alison
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> Your  Invitation to LinuxWorld's .Org Pavilion       
> Dear Andrew,
> It is my pleasure to inform you that Bay Area Linux Users Group has
> been chosen for this year's .org Pavilion at the LinuxWorld Conference
> & Expo being held in San Francisco August 5-7, 2008. I hope that you
> will be able to participate. Projects accepting our offer of free
> exhibit space in the pavilion must be willing to assist us in
> promoting LinuxWorld with a banner ad on their home page. Please RSVP
> by May 26, 2008 via email to alison_dwelley@idg.com.  If you are not
> able to participate in the event this year, please let me know so that
> we can make arrangements for another organization to take that place.
> The .org Pavilion is an exciting opportunity for .orgs to reach out to
> the free software and open source communities during LinuxWorld
> Conference & Expo. We are happy to provide this opportunity for you to
> be recognized for all of your hard work in support of these communities.
> We are very excited to have you be a part of our 2008 .org Pavilion
> and look forward to seeing you at the San Francisco LinuxWorld event. 
> We will send you additional information about the show as soon as we
> receive a faxed or emailed copy of the attached contract, your project
> description for the website and show guide, and specs for the banner
> ad to fax # 508-370-4325. If you have any questions please do not
> hesitate to contact me at 508-424-4834 or via email at Alison_dwelley@idg.com.
> Kind Regards,
> Alison Dwelley
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