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Re: Debian booth at LinuxWorld

Got Eye Candy?

The only thing I can think of that we could have done slightly better at
last year than we did a year or two before that, is "eye candy".  Yes,
sounds cheap and all that, but it works!  Basically something(s) eye
catching to help draw folks in (which also helps promote questions/
conversation, interaction, etc.).  I think it was 2 years ago we had
(I think Hans set it up) web cam with the live web cam output displayed
in ASCII.  Anyway, stuff like that does work.  Last year "light piping"
seemed to be all the rage (but that might not be as attention getting
this year).  More monitors/displays showing interesting stuff and facing
towards Expo attendees is probably also generally rather to quite useful
(at least up to a point, anyway).  Anyway, just something to keep in mind
in case folks think of things they can bring or display that would help in
that area (or if someone thinks of the "killer" eye candy to suggest we
bring or display - if someone's able to do that).

I did also update http://wiki.debian.org/LWCESF a wee bit - will probably
get some more updates on there yet (equipment, etc.)

I've also created (just need to print, photocopy, and slice) some 1/4 page
sheets for use at LinuxWorld.  One side promotes the (very conveniently
close by) Bay Area Debian (BAD) meeting 2007-08-09 (has map very similar
(but routes trimmed to just the LinuxWorld to Henry's route)
and has head text above that of:
Bay Area Debian (BAD)   
Come meet with us!
details on this month's meeting:
The other side has some Debian and other resources listed: (
Debian, LINUX, User Groups, etc. resources

Debian http://www.debian.org/
Bay Area Debian (BAD):
Debian Social Contract:
Debian "News" (announcements):                
Debian "Weekly" News:                         
Debian Mailing Lists:                         
Debian Documentation:                         
Debian Support:                               
Debian Security Information:                  
Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG):
San Francisco Linux Users' Group:
Berkeley Unix User Group:
Silicon Vally Linux Users Group:
Linux Online! http://www.linux.org/
Bay Area Linux Events (BALE):

Debian Booth at LinuxWorld (Booth .org 16)

Quoting Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com>:

> Hey everyone; as is usual this time of the year, LWCE is comming.
> If you'd like to assist in the Debian booth for any reasonable length
> of time, please let me know and sign yourself up on the wiki at
> http://wiki.debian.org/LWCESF (I've got a limited number of exhibitor
> passes too, but the free expo pass will work as well if I run out.)
> You don't need to be a developer or a maintainer to help out (so don't
> be shy).
> Also, if you want to (or plan on) brining hardware running Debian,
> update the hardware list on that page too.

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