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[lars@apache.org: Debian project at ApacheCon?]

Is somebody interested in representing Debian at the Apache Con 06 in



----- Forwarded message from Lars Eilebrecht <lars@apache.org> -----

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 03:35:54 +0200
From: Lars Eilebrecht <lars@apache.org>
To: events@debian.org
Subject: Debian project at ApacheCon?
Organization: The Apache Software Foundation


some of you may already know me, I'm with the Apache Software
Foundation and the ApacheCon planning team.

At some of our previous events Debian was represented by
some of your volunteers, and I think it was well received
by our attendees.

We would therefore like to invite you, i.e., provide free
booth space, for our upcoming events:


- ApacheCon US 2006
  Location: Austin, Texas, USA
  Date: October 9-13 (expo 10-13)
  Website: www.us.apachecon.com
  Contact: planners-2006-us@apachecon.com

If you would like to exhibit and present your project at
ApacheCon or if there any further questions, please
contact us at one of the corresponding email address
mentioned above.

Best Regards...
Lars Eilebrecht

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