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Re: Debian booth at Desktop Linux Summit?

Hi Heather!

* Heather MacKenzie <heatherm@desktoplinuxsummit.com> [060217 01:42]:

> Hi Martin-

Sorry for the long delayed answer.  Martin and me are quite busy these

> I spoke with some Debian volunteers this weekend at SCALE, and let them 
> know that we would love to have Debian represented at the Desktop Linux 
> Summit this year, an event held April 24-25 in San Diego, CA. We would 
> comp the booth of course. It would be great to see some folks from 
> Debian there at the show. More about event: www.desktoplinuxsummit.com

I asked arround those who were at SCALE [1][2], but sadly it looks like we
won't have enough volunteers to man a booth there during a week :(

Yours sincerely,


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