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LWCE/SF 2005 Debian booth organization


Hans and I mostly organized this last year and we now have some
experience of what we should do more of and what we shouldn't. I thought
we might first recollect our experiences from last year (those who
manned the booth) and then plan accordingly for this year's.

My recollections about preparing:

* Staffing the booth was fairly haphazard but it worked out because it
was mostly the same people for all 3 days.
* We took way too long to finalize the CD images and get them sent off.
I think it will be easier this year because sarge = sarge. I also
noticed the embarassing misspelling of 'Spons*e*red by
AlmostFreeLinux.com', but it's not super important... Do we have a
volunteer who can provide us with lots of media (CDs, stickers) this year?

My recollections about the actual booth experience:

* Hans' iMac was a piece of shit :(
* I seem to recall we almost *lost* all the CDs.
* The T-shirts were a blast but we ran out really quickly. L/XL seemed
to be the most popular size, but we got a considerable number of >XXLs.
People expected them to be free, too.
* The CDs went like hotcakes and we nearly ran out as well.
* People asked lots of good questions and I think we did a great job of
answering and promoting Debian. The booth was VERY busy!
* We were not prepared for a number of "neighborhood" contingencies -
the GNOME people with their busted AMD64 1U, the X.Org people with their
hosed UltraSPARCs -- I think we should come prepared with installation
media for popular desktop and server architectures: IA64, PPC, Sparc,
(duh) i386, AMD64...

What I think we should do this year: (not a finished list)

* Have a full-featured (read: no live CDs) demo box featuring Sarge with
* Consider a few quick presentations on various Debian-reated topics -
anyone is welcome to volunteer to present. For example, I spent a lot of
time faking a reinstall on my laptop just to show people the wonders of D-I.

let's get this ball rolling...

Joshua Kwan

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