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Re: Participation at Fall COMDEX

Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:
> > Martin Schulze wrote:
> > > I've received the following offer.  Is somebody interested in giving
> > > a talk about any Debian-related subject and/or fighting for a Debian
> > > booth?
> > 
> > No need to fight anymore, since I received an offer
> > "We can probably arrange free table space for non-profits."
> > 
> > Hence, we only need people wanting to staff the booth and give
> > a talk or two.
> You might want to point out this is in Las Vegas and it's from
> November 16 or 17th to the 20th.

That was already written in the first mail I sent.


> For your reference, the show days will be Nov 17-20th, 2003, in Las
> Vegas of course.

Unfortunately I haven't received anybody interested from that area
who would like to talk about any Debian-related subject or run a

Either COMDEX is not as popular as I thought, or it's located in the

Other upcoming conferences or exhibitions in the US that may be of
interest for Free Software people are:

    Date     Name                                      City          Country  Conf Exhib
Jul 29-Aug 2 Annual Tcl/Tk Conference                  Ann Arbor     U.S.A.    x
Aug 4-5      LinuxWorld Conference and Expo            San Francisco U.S.A.    x     x
Aug 4-8      USENIX Security Symposium                 Washington    U.S.A.    x
Sep 8-10     Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection    Pittsburgh    U.S.A.    x
Sep 8-12     USENIX BSD Conference                     San Mateo     U.S.A.    x
Oct 26-30    USENIX Systems Administration Conference  San Diego     U.S.A.    x
Nov 16-19    ApacheCon                                 Las Vegas     U.S.A.    x
Nov 17-20    Comdex                                    Las Vegas     U.S.A.    x     x
Nov 22       Southern California Linux Expo            Los Angeles   U.S.A.    x

Only for the last event a Debian presence is maintained.



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