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Re: NTLUG Invitation for a trade show.

Somebody interested?  If so please get in touch with me.

Stephen Klein wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Stephen Klein, and I'm a member of the North Texas Linux
> Users Group.  This year I've volunteered to coordinate a booth at the
> Dallas Computer and Technology showcase that will be held from June 24th
> to the 25th.
> I would like to invite Debian to join us in getting the word out about
> Linux.  If you could provide us with booth material such as flyers,
> posters or souvenirs about Debian GNU/Linux, it would help us greatly.
> There are still booths available if you would like to become an
> exhibitor.  We could also host a representative in our booth if that is
> possible.  We have done so in the past with VA Linux and it worked out
> wonderfully.
> Here are some links about NTLUG and CTS.
> http://www.techshows.com/dallas/dallas.html
> http://www.ntlug.org/
> Thanks,
> Stephen Klein
> 2003 NTLUG CTS Booth Coordinator
Stephen Klein <jaguar@imagin.net>



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	-- Larry Wall

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