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planning for USENIX

The USENIX technical conference in Boston is drawing near.  Scott Dier
<sdier@debian.org> and I have volunteered man the booth there, but we
not very well prepared at this point.  Part of the problem is that we
haven't heard confirmation from the USENIX people about our booth space,
electricity, etc.  But we're short enough on time that we really need to
start proceeding as though we've got everything all lined up from

At the very least we need some CDs to give out.  I recall hearing that
we had previously recieved donations from Linux Central.  Do we have a
contact there?  How 'bout Linux Mall, etc?

It would also be nice to have some kind of banner with the Debian logo
or something.  Scott, you mentioned that you may be able to product such
a thing.  Any luck?  Is there another somewhere that can be shipped to
us (which we would forward on to the people running the booth at the
next show, etc)?

It would also be very nice to have some machines to demo.  I've got a
SPARC 20 and a Sony VAIO notebook, and by the time the show rolls around
I should have a Compaq iPaq, which can run a Debian-based Linux.

One thing that we *really* could use is transportation.  Scott's not
from the area and won't have a car, and I don't own one.  If anybody can
donate a little bit of driving so we can get our stuff to and from the
expo, that would be great.  It's especially imporant if we bring
machines, but we'll need to bring some other supplies in any case.


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