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Summary: Debian at O'Reilly Open Source Convention


things have been sorted out for the upcoming O'Reilly Open Source
Convention.  Here's a summary:

The Debian project receives space for the booth donated by O'Reilly.
They have also acknowledged to provide electricity and a table.  I'll
have to ask for the size of the table and some chairs (please remind
me if you don't hear anything about it).

A form still has to be filled out, does somebody vulunteer?  If I
remember correctly, it's a PDF document, but since it's stored on
master, I have no access to it right now.  It'll get resent to me.

These people have acknowledged to staff the booth:

  Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>
  Scott Dier <sdier@debian.org>
  "Noah L. Meyerhans" <frodo@morgul.net>

  Noah: SS20
  Scott: m68k

  Is one of you able to provide a table and maybe table cloths (white
  preferred) for the booth?  Same for chairs?

What's still needed to doo?

  Please check out <http://www.debian.org/events/booth> as well as
  <http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/Debian/events/booth.html>.  I've
  written some pieces up.

  - Ensure that there will be enough staff all the time
  - Ensure that there will be enough machines all the time
  - Check out if posters can be pinned up (get them printed)

If you want to negotiate with the O'Reilly folks on your own as
well, dump me a line and I'll return the address(es).  I don't want
to spread their address on a public and searchable web area, not
sure if they're used in public, don't want to increase their spam



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee

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