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DebianHackAbend in Karlsruhe, October 4th

Hi there,

after a longer hiatus, I'd like to resume the idea of a little hackfest
on a monthly base, where Debian contributors in the Karlsruhe area can
work on their packages, share ideas, stay in touch, sign keys, all that
stuff. People who want to contribute to other projects in the Open
Source world are welcome as well.

There might be pizza.

Let's meet

    on Tue, October 4th 2022, from 18:00-22:00

The event will be hosted at (and generously sponsored by)

    Unicon GmbH <https://www.unicon.com/>
    Ludwig-Ehrhard-Allee 26
    76131 Karlsruhe
    Map: https://osm.org/go/0DPvo0b5--?m=

It's the same place as for the BSP happening a few days later, see
https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2022/10/de/Karlsruhe about getting there
and accessibility.

About the pandemic situation: While (as of today) you're not required
to do so, you're asked to take some precautions. This includes wearing
a mask indoors, doing a test, and most important: Stay home in case of
symptoms. Also, frankly speaking, if the legal situation forbids or
common sense advises aginst doing such an event, it will not happen.

Registration is not required, still you'll ease my planning by dropping
a line by mail or in IRC if you intend to come around.

Follow-up events are planned for November 8th and December 6th.

See you,


PS: If you want to contact me in private, Deutsch geht auch :)

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