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MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg Registration / Call For Prensentations

MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg Registration / Call For Prensentations

As annonced earlier, we are planing to hold MiniDebConf Regensburg 2021
on Oct 2nd/3rd 2021 and with a preceeding MiniDebCamp from September
29th to October 1st.

It will cover topics for Debian users, contributors and developers. For
more information about the conference, see https://minidebconf-rbg.debian.net/

If you're planing to come to Regensburg but have not registered yet,
please head over to https://minidebconf-rbg.debian.net/Registration and
add your name to the list or email us at
info(at)minidebconf-rbg.debian.net until latest September 3rd.

We know that in this difficult pandemic times it is not easy to ask you
to register for an event, especially as it is still uncertain that the
event can take place. However, it is very important for the planning of
the MiniDebConf: We might have to cancel and postpone the MiniDebCamp
and/or MiniDebConf if the interest in the event is too low.

Talks wanted - Call for Presentations (CfP)

We accept talk proposoals until September 3rd.  Send your proposals to

We are aiming for talks which are related to Debian or Free Software in
general.  Regular sessions may either be 20 or 45 minutes long
(including time for questions), other kinds of sessions (like workshops,
BoF, lightning talks) could have different durations. Please choose the
most suitable duration for your event and explain any special requests.
Also let us know if you have scheduling conflicts (e.g you're leaving a
day early).

Suggested topics include:

    * Debian usability
    * Cloud and containers
    * Security
    * Packaging
    * Automating with Debian
    * Debian social
    * New technologies & infrastructure

This list is not exhaustive, and anything not listed here is welcome, as
long as it's somehow related to Debian or Free Software in general.  If
in doubt, propose a talk and we'll give feedback. The intention is that
talks are held in English but if you don't feel comfortable giving a
talk in English, please let us know.

Please include a short title, suitable for a compact schedule, and an
engaging description of the event. Please provide us with information
such as additional speakers, scheduling restrictions, or any special
requirements we should consider for your event.

The sessions will be recorded on video and these recordings will be
released under a suitable free licence.

Sprints welcome

The place is ideal for sprints; so we encourage teams to assemble and
gather in Regensburg!

The Pandemic Situation

As there is progress in vaccination, in combination with a hygienic and
testing concept, we believe that the conference can take place this
autumn in Regensburg.

If the situation is worsening towards autumn we might be forced to
either limit the number of people allowed on-site or if it becomes
prohibitive to hold an on-site conference, even postpone the conference

Especially if you are planning to come abroad, consider that there might
still be travel restrictions in place, mostly for non-EU countries. To
see if you are affected, the RKI has a list on [rki], there is an
interactive map on [eu], but also check with your local authorities if
there are restrictions e.g on your way back. (The resources are updated

  [rki] https://www.rki.de/covid-19-risikogebiete, link to English pdf at
  [eu] https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/DEU

When you arrange your travels and accommodation, please make sure to be
able to cancel the booking without fees.


If you want to get in touch with the local team, please feel free to use
info@minidebconf-rbg.debian.net for this purpose. You can also join

See you in Regensburg!

tobi (for the Regensburg local team)

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