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MiniDebCamp 21 Tilburg, Netherlands, sat 28 / sun 29 august 2021


In the august 28 / 29 weekend, we'll meet in Spoorzicht 013, Tilburg, .nl (a 5
minute walk from Tilburg Central Railway Station) to enjoy the last DebConf21
online weekend: we'll meet, chat and have a coffee; join the DebConf live
video stream and online chat; hack some code.  There even is some
infrastructure for ad hoc presentations (hint).  We'll also have a cheese and
wine party, on one or both days, depending on the quantity of stuff there will
be :)

You're invited to join us.  In order to have a COVID-19-safe event, we can
only host max 10 people each day; if you plan to come, please subscribe at
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/nl/2021/MiniDebCamp21Tilburg or let us
know by other means.

Thanks to Spoorzicht 013 (https://spoorzicht013.nl/) and Hendrikx ITC
(https://hendrikx-itc.nl/) for their generous support!

Meet us at IRC OFTC/#minidebcamp21tilburg .

C U in Tilburg,

Geert Stappers, Joost van Baal-Ilić and urbec

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