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MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg Registration is now open -- with caveats

MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg Registration is now open -- with caveats

We are pleased to announce that we decided to open up registration for the
MiniDebConf and MiniDebCamp in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany [1].

The Camp is scheduled from September 29th to October 1st, and the MiniDebConf
on October 2nd and October 3rd 2021.

However, please make sure to read the whole mail for important details first!

You can either register by visiting [2] or by sending an email to the local
team at info(ät)minidebconf-rbg.debian.net if you've got privacy concerns.

If you prefer to stay at home and attend remotely, we will try to make that
possible too. However, we still ask you to register to get us a better idea of
attendance figures.

[1] https://minidebconf-rbg.debian.net/
[2] https://minidebconf-rbg.debian.net/Registration

The Pandemic Situation

As there is the progress in vaccination, in combination with a hygienic and
testing concept, we believe that the conference can take place this autumn in

If the situation is worsening towards autumn we might be forced to either limit
the number of people allowed on-site or if it becomes prohibitive to hold an
on-site conference, even postpone the conference again.

Especially if you are planning to come abroad, consider that there might still
be travel restrictions in place, mostly for non-EU countries. To see if you are
affected, the RKI has a list on [rki], there is an interactive map on [eu], but
also check with your local authorities if there are restrictions e.g on your
way back. (The resources are updated frequently)

  [rki] https://www.rki.de/covid-19-risikogebiete, link to English pdf at
  [eu] https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/DEU

When you arrange your travels and accommodation, please make sure to be able to
cancel the booking without fees.


If you want to get in touch with the local team, please feel free to use
info@minidebconf-rbg.debian.net for this purpose. You can also join

See you in Regensburg!

tobi (for the Regensburg local team)

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