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Rather no DebianSchwarzwaldCamp in October

Christoph Biedl wrote...

> after the experiences of DebianS{un,now}Camp I eventually got the guts
> to try this at another place, in south-west Germany. Previously I had
> mentioned the idea a few times, more or less jokingly. Now it's getting
> serious since I learned about a place that is somewhat simple but seems
> otherwise a chance to good to miss.

After longer consideration I think it's the better choice to abandon the

Such events always require compromises, but within limits. Ana gave a
nice small list of essential things, checking it I figured there are too
many items where the current situation is too far away from perfect.
Like reachability: The railroad to Titisee is closed for renovation, so
using the bus for more than an hour. Like internet connection, which
turned out to be much thinner than assumed. There is enough LTE coverage
but people advised against it. The houseowner is about to change that
but I don't want to assume this will be done by autumn. Also lunch and
dinner, the restaurants in the nearby hotels provide good but also
fairly expensive dishes. There are just a few offers for vegetarians, I
didn't even bother to ask for vegans.

If anybody else still wishes to take over: I strongly suggest you are
close to the area (Freiburg, Basel, perhaps Zürich), please get in touch
ASAP. Also you should be able to stand grouchy remarks from other
people. The dose I got in several media was already quite discouraging.

Thanks for everybody who showed interest, or even gave helpful advice.
I'll re-visit the place next year when at least the first two items
should have been resolved.


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