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Re: Migrating flyers from CVS to Git?


El 23/02/18 a las 11:02, Andreas Tille escribió:
> Hi,
> when I went through the stuff I checked out from Alioth I stumbled upon
> debian-flyers CVS.  

That repo was migrated to git already, some months ago:


but without commit hooks:


I have no idea about CVS at all (I do not even know
> how to get a fresh checkout - I'm somehow fail to find the according
> doc) but somebody should care for a migration to Salsa since I consider
> the flyers valuable stuff.  If nobody volunteers may be you can point me
> at least to some basic information like how I managed to check out the
> repository on my disk since this has probably the needed information for
> git-cvsimport.  I've somehow read the Debian Website team does some
> large scale CVS to Git migration but I did not follow this closely.

Andreas, if migrating from git-alioth to git-salsa (and setting up the hooks) is
an easy task for you, I would say "please go ahead". I'm CC'ing the
debian-flyers-devel list for the case somebody is already working on it or want
to discuss/detail something.

And BTW we may should think about what to do with the mailing list itself. I'm
not an "owner" of that so maybe this is under control already and it's just that
I don't know...


Laura Arjona Reina

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