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mini-debconf 2017 in Toulouse, FRANCE

Hello everyone !

The Debian France Association [1] organizes a mini-debconf in Toulouse
(south west France). This event will welcome everyone with an interest
in the Debian project for a series of talks and workshops about Debian.
This mini-debconf will take place in the same time and place of the
« Capitole du Libre » [2] on november 18th and 19th 2017 at the ENSEEIHT
school : 26 rue Pierre-Paul Riquet, Toulouse FRANCE.
« Capitole du Libre » is one of the biggest french free software event
between users, organizations and developers. It homes stands, talks,
workshops, technical or not, just like FOSDEM but user-oriented (except
technical rooms)

We would like to have half conferences in english. So english speakers
are welcome !

The conferences and workshops will be scheduled on the same schedule as
the conferences of the “Capitole du libre” event. Thus, it will be easy
to switch from the mini-debconf to the “Capitole du libre” and
conversely of course

Talk proposals are open, you can register a talk by E-mail at :
minidebconf[at]france[dot]debian[dot]net and on the wiki page [3].
Deadline to submit your talk: 09/30/2017

Denis Briand

[1] https://france.debian.net/
[2] https://2017.capitoledulibre.org/
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/fr/2017/Toulouse

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