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Re: Sun[esc]bdwaSnowCamp in Italy in late february/early march?

Le vendredi, 8 septembre 2017, 17.34:04 h CEST Elena ``of Valhalla'' a écrit :
> Following SunCamp last May I've been tempted to non-organize :) a
> similar event in my corner of Italy; now that summer is coming to an end
> I've been able to talk with a potential location and this is starting to
> look feasible.
> Because of the local weather, the best dates are in late winter, when
> the chances to see a sunny weekend are higher, so I was thinking 22-25
> February, or if there are issues with that date 1-4 March or 15-18
> February.

This looks great!

As a data point, with Swisslinux.org, we're organizing the "Rencontres 
Hivernales du Libre" (RHL - Libre Winter Gathering) https://hivernal.es/ in 
the Swiss Jura over the 12-14 January week-end. French-speaking, and not 
Debian-only. We go to the mountains on purpose to find snow!


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