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Re: Sun[esc]bdwaSnowCamp in Italy in late february/early march?

On 08/09/17 16:34, Elena ``of Valhalla'' wrote:
> Following SunCamp last May I've been tempted to non-organize :) a
> similar event in my corner of Italy; now that summer is coming to an end
> I've been able to talk with a potential location and this is starting to
> look feasible.
> Because of the local weather, the best dates are in late winter, when
> the chances to see a sunny weekend are higher, so I was thinking 22-25
> February, or if there are issues with that date 1-4 March or 15-18
> February.
> The previous weekend (8-11 February) has also been considered, but I'm
> afraid that there would be too high a risk of fosdemflu-induced
> cancellations.
> Anybody knows of reasons to avoid one of these dates? I've already
> checked https://lwn.net/Calendar/Monthly/2018-02/ and there doesn't seem
> to be anything yet.
> I would need to fix the date with the location ASAP, probably at the
> beginning of next week.

I've added the Debian.ch community on CC.

Would the proposed location be closer to Malpensa or Bergamo airport?

Is it accessible by bus services from an airport or main railway station
like Milano, Monza or Como or would people (or a group) need to arrange
car hire?

You could also promote this on some of the calendar sites mentioned here[1]

The Open Labs group in Albania organized a Linux weekend in late
February this year, I'm not sure if they will repeat it at the same time.

How scalable will the venue be?




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