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MiniDebConf in April/May 2018 in Hamburg


As discussed during DebConf17 I'd like to propose a MiniDebConf in Hamburg,
Germany, during April or May 2018.

The current idea is to have 3 days of hacking (MiniDebCamp) from Wednesday
until Friday followed by 2 days of talks and more hacking (MiniDebConf).

As for dates, my prefered venue has four options, please comment on their
suitability and other clashing events:

- April 4th-8th 2018
- April 18th-22nd 2018
- May 2nd-6th 2018
- or May 16th-20th 2018

I've spoken with Dock Europe (see below, "about the venue") and we could have
their three seminar rooms for 750€/day (in total) plus 36 beds (also in
total) for 800€/day. It's not yet clear to me whether we'll need all of those
seminar rooms for the MiniDebCamp part or whether we'll find another cheaper
solution in the house.

There are also 4 more big rooms suitable for hacking in the venue: the CCCHH
hackerspace, the cantina (which will also be used for serving food) and at
least two other places.

Help will definitly also be needed in these areas:

- Finding sponsors
- Content selection
- Registration/frontdesk
- Artwork & maybe t-shirts

What do you think? Shall I go and reserve^wbook the venue for one of these

I'd like to decide on this in the next two weeks or so. (Mostly to secure
booking of the location but also to allow you all to book trips early.)
I'd be absolutly fine if you think we should do it in some other German city
but I'd probably not be as involved in that…

What I previously wrote _about the venue_:

That venue is a big building complex owned by an artist cooperative, of
which the CCC Hamburg is also part of, as well as dock-europe.net, which is
an international education/training center with 3 talk rooms which can be combined
into one big rom and which also has 36 beds on site, plus it's in the center
of the city/Altona, so there's plenty of other accomodation as well.

https://wiki.hamburg.ccc.de/English is an english description with some more
photos of the venue and the CCC hamburg hackerspace which I suppose we could
use as a fourth room for hacking.

http://dock-europe.net has some more infos/pics too.


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