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Fwd: Digital-born Media Carnival, 14-18 July, Kotor, Montengro

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Subject: 	[English] Digital-born Media Carnival, 14-18 July, Kotor,
Date: 	Wed, 24 May 2017 12:38:19 +0000
From: 	Redon Skikuli <info@openlabs.cc>
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[rskikuli] 	rskikuli
Redon Skikuli
Open Labs Board Member
May 24

I got contacted about this event from our friends at SHARE Foundation
and OSCE Mission to Serbia. Have a look and apply if you find it

SHARE Foundation, the OSCE Mission to Serbia & the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the
Netherlands with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media.

*Deadline:* Apply now until 1 June 2017
In a nutshell: ​ The Digital-born Media Carnival is a four-day event
taking place in Kotor, Montenegro (14 - 18 July 2017) gathering more
than a hundred representatives of online media, information explorers
and digital rights enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of understanding
of Internet freedom, business models and comprehensive distribution
patterns of networked media.
This event strives to provide a regional platform where the latest
trends in the confluence of technology and society can be presented and
discussed in a friendly environment with the aim to learn from each
other. Through a mixture of interactive panels, talks, workshops and
hands-on trainings, leading experts will give their take on the future
challenges to the freedom of expression and media professionalism in a
connected public sphere - how to create new opportunities for
sustainability and growth while staying true to the ethical standards of
journalism in a digital environment.
We are looking for ​ online media representatives, journalists,
bloggers, content creators, human right defenders, hacktivists, new
media startups ​ and others to join us for a four-day event in UNESCO
world heritage site​ ​ Kotor.
Individuals believing they could contribute and learn from others are
welcome to apply, especially if they are coming from the Western
Balkans, but others are also welcome. Together with 25+ international
experts they will explore emerging opportunities and challenges in the
digital media landscape within an environment designed to inspire,
enable skill-building and provide a space for critical reflection.

*What you’re signing up for:*
You will spend four days learning and relaxing, pushing boundaries in
digital freedoms while exploring the beautiful Bay of Kotor. The
Carnival will ​ tackle the broader issue of freedom of expression and
media professionalism online​ , with a particular interest in the areas
that need to be improved regarding online media and content creators
like ​ business models ​ and sustainability, distribution models and
algorithmic governance, online media markets ​ and net
neutrality, targeted ads and privacy, innovation in reporting, data
journalism, digital security, new media ethics, trust ​ and​ information
The overall goal of this event is to provide knowledge on these topics
and share experiences in a regional context. Also, the event will
further strengthen the regional network of individuals and organisations
dedicated to freedom of the Internet and their international
counterparts to ensure continued joint action, innovation and learning
in the field.

*What will happen at the Carnival:*
A number of workshops and hands-on training activities will take place
in the ​ mornings​ .
Through grouping people together by projects and interest areas
participants will work
both individually and together.
Talks, presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions and ceremonies will
be organised in
the evening​ in venues in the Old City of Kotor and in the palaces of
The program schedule will leave you just enough time to enjoy the
beautiful coastline and
beaches of the Bay of Kotor during the afternoon, and the Old City of
Kotor during the
evening. Seize the opportunity and feel the excitement while exploring
the medieval maze
of museums, churches, Venetian palaces and pillories that contributed to
making Kotor a
UNESCO world heritage site.

It is highly recommended to commit to the entire period between 14 - 18
July as we will be
in session for 6 - 7 hours a day. Bring a critical and sharp mind with
willingness to explore
and interest in cooperating.

*What will we talk about at the Carnival:*
The main topics of the Carnival are fake news, ethics, sustainability,
business models,
creativity, innovation in reporting, manipulation, the online media
market, surveillance,
privacy, post-truth etc. We are therefore looking for applicants who are
passionate to learn,
or who are willing to share expertise on these topics.

Applicants should be interested in one (or more) of the following areas,
let us know which
● online media business models;
● data journalism and innovation in reporting and media production;
● regulatory framework & ethics of online media;
● digital security;
● manipulation and fake news.

You should consider applying for the Carnival if you are:
* digital/online media representative
* journalist
* content creator
* blogger or citizen journalist
* hacktivist/activist
* media or IT lawyer
* human rights defender
* new media start-up
* academic or researcher

Both self-employed applicants or those working for organisations are
welcome to apply. Apart from participating, you could contribute to the
event as a speaker. You are
encouraged to apply with individual projects that you or your
organisation are passionate

*Your information and privacy:*
We will use Your submitted information for selection process and for our
requirements only.

*Application & cost:*
Apply for the carnival by 1st of June (Thursday).
English will be the working language of all Carnival activities.
Access to the program of the Carnival will be free of charge for all
registered and accepted
However, a limited number of full and partial scholarships is available
for participants who request assistance to cover travel and/or
accommodation on a case-to-case basis. In the past, many participants in
our events have received funds from their own organizations or sought
funding from other sources.
Application for the scholarships is on a competitive basis. Factors
taken into account in the assessment of applications are the country of
origin (with priority given to a balanced representation from the
Western Balkans region), topics of interest, area of expertise,
organisation or community you represent and envisaged role at the

Application deadline: 1 June, 2017 (23:59 CET)
You can ​access the ​online ​application form here​
Offline application to be sent via email can be downloaded here​
If you have any questions, please contact us via carnival (at)




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