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Re: Debian promo material


El 15/02/17 a las 14:12, Joost van Baal-Ilić escribió:
Hi Jan,

Debian fosdem booth staffer & debian-flyers "admin" here.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 08:23:43AM +0100, Jan Wagner wrote:

looking forward to the CLT[1] I'm asking me if there is recent promo
material available. For example flyers and such things.
http://debian-flyers.alioth.debian.org/ seems to be a cruft and I was
unable to find anything with recent information. Did I miss something?

At FOSDEM we've had a pretty abundantly filled booth; all tshirts and hoodies
and stuff like that (supplied by our friends from Debian france, as well as by
some dutch debianites) were solled out.

Our friend Anne Bezemer has sent me a patch to update the contents of the
Debian flyer; I hope to get to it to apply it soonish...  I believe he's also
the one who has printed the latest batch of them; people are still interested
in taking them to read about our project.  I feel they're still useful.

However, indeed the debian-flyers project shows its age.  Feel free to
resurrect it of course.  Migrating from *cough* CVS to git is high on _my_

(with my website-team-member hat on)

When Elena Grandi made the hexagonal sticker, I didn't know about the debian-flyers project (I learnt about it in this thread), so I uploaded it directly to the website:


Now this thread generates some TODO items that I'll try to tackle soon:

* update soon the debian-flyers project with that additional sticker, and maybe other resources present in the website (in www.d.o/logos or www.d.o/banners).

* Add a link to the debian-flyers repo in those pages of the website (at least, /logos, /banners and /misc/merchandise)

* Help in the cvs -> git conversion


Laura Arjona

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