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LinuxDay 2016 at 26. Nov. in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg

Hi all,

there will be a Linux Day [0] in Dornbirn again. Anyone here to help
me at a Debian booth? I'll be available but don't have any
advertising material. Either someone provides me some or a supporter
will bring it.

I'll give a talk so I can't stay all day long at the booth. Some
support from two or more Debian enthusiasts would be a great deal.
BTW, call for papers [1] ends at Sunday, though.

I can spend a free lift starting in Rottweil direction -> Konstanz ->

[0] http://www.linuxday.at/
[1] http://www.linuxday.at/call-for-papers-2016

  We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        -Linus Torvalds

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