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Re: Debian CDs

On 2016-07-11 at 19:49:19 +0200, kacnow@gmail.com wrote:
> Hey is it possible for the Debian project to finance a promotional action
> that involves giving Debian CDs away for free? These could be discs with
> just one color logo and name printed on it the, so they would be cheap and
> that would look professional at the same time.

Our LUG (based in the north of Italy¹) used to give away Debian CDs
(usually for a small donation, both to cover costs and in the hope to
reduce the number of CDs taken "because free" and then just thrown in
the garbage, which at least in our culture is an issue): for some years
we've had quite some success doing so, but in the latest years we've
stopped bothering with them because almost nobody was interested in them

Nowadays we just offer the service to put ISOs on an empty USB key, and
even that isn't something that we do that often.

¹ i.e. an area where there are still lots of people in the rural areas
where cheap and fast-ish internet access have traffic limits that make
downloading a full DVD iso something to think about, but they also
usually have access to friends or workplaces with DSLs; I'd expect this
to be an important factor in whether a similar situation applies in your

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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