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Debian SunCamp 2016

Winter is coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, we are all in
desperate need of some sunshine. We also want to meet again with our
Debian buddies, discuss ideas, and work on new projects. Why not combine

Imagine being in a small town by the coast, hacking next to the swimming
pool, deciding your team's plans over a drink, or plotting with your
cabal in the sauna. Maybe combining this with a family holiday.

If this sounds tempting, then come to Debian SunCamp 2016, a 4 day
hacking and socialising event for Debian people.

Debian SunCamp (DSC for short) is not a conference, or a MiniConf, it is
more like a DYI DebCamp. We want it to be relaxed, fun, and creative: we
provide the space, anything else is up to you!

There will be no talks programme, but if you want to prepare a talk you
can do that too, it's DIY!

  Debian SunCamp 2016

  Lloret de mar, Girona province, Catalonia, Spain
  May 26-29, 2016

How to register

You will need to book your own room, so put your name in the wiki
page[1], and start looking for room mates!

In a few days we will be sending detailed instructions to the people in
the wiki, along with the booking code.
We also encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list[2].

[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/Europe/2016/DSC
[2]: https://france.debian.net/mailman/listinfo/dsc2016

 Ana & Tincho
 DSC Orga Team

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