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Invitation to the debian.ch General Meeting - 2016-02-13 18:00 CEST, Zurich

[BCC'ed to all debian.ch members & DPL]

Dear all,

This is your invitation to the General Meeting of the `debian.ch' 
association which will be held in Zurich at the CCC Hackerspace:

Location: CCC Hackerspace, Zurich [1]
Time:     Saturday 2016-02-13 18:00 CEST

The debian.ch GM will be followed by the traditional fondue! Please
register your planned attendance for the GM and the fondue in the
following poll:


We are looking for someone to organzie the fondue. We need some
caquelons, fondue forks and someone to buy the fondue cheese and wine.
If you want the fondue to happen and are willing to help organize,
contact board@debian.ch.

The prospective agenda for the GM is as follows; please send any 
modification proposals to board@debian.ch.

debian.ch Annual General Meeting

* Greetings
* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2015 (attached to this mail)
* Reports from the board
* Discharge of the board
* Approval of new members
  (no new members applied since the last AGM so far) 
* Board election
* Varia

See you there!

On behalf of the board,

Gaudenz Steinlin
    secretary of debian.ch

[1] https://www.ccczh.ch/Hackerspace/

Hash: SHA512


Presence: Didier Raboud, Philipp Hug, Gaudenz Steinlin (minutes), Axel Beckert, Elmar Heeb,
          Michele Cane

Date: January 31, 2014, 17:30

* Greetings
  Voting Members: 6

* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2014 (attached to this mail)
  Agreed: 6

* Reports from the Board

** President (Didier Raboud)
   - debian.ch is now explicited accepted as an official Debian Trusted Organization.
   - merchandise sales of ~3000 CHF, mostly at FOSDEM
   - regular Debian meetup in Zurich, first Tuesday each month

** Treasurer (Philipp Hug)
  - The financial statement is presented by Philipp and will be attached to these minutes.
  - The debconf13 association is still in liquidation. As soon as the taxes are billed and payed
    the remaining funds will be transfered to debian.ch
  - ~5000 CHF in assets mostly knives and some umbrellas, the stock is at Didier Raboud and
    Axel Beckert
  - We want to get a "Vereinsadresse" to put on the Website instead of Gaudenz's personal address
    and the mail should be redirected to Philipp Hug.

  Agreed:  5 
  Abstain: 1

* Discharge of the Board
  Agreed:  3
  Abstain: 3
* Board elections
  Candidates: Didier Raboud, Philipp Hug, Gaudenz Steinlin
  Agreed:  3
  Abstain: 3
* Approval of new members
  Steve-David Marguet, sponsored by Didier Raboud
  Agreed: 6

* Varia
  - Proposal for bylaw changes in 2016:
    - Purpose (2.2), limited to .ch and .li should be dropped
    - Drop article 4 about sponsors and patrons
    - Philipp propses these changes for the AGM 2016
    - small (5-10 CHF) membership fee to make sure people are still interested

  - AGM 2016
    Date: 2016-02-13 (Saturday) probably in Zurich at the CCC hackspace
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