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BSP in Switzerland (St-Cergue) - 30 Jan -> 1 Feb 2015

Dear actual and future Debian contributors,

A Bug Squashing Party (BSP) is organized over the week-end from January 
30th to Feburary 1st, 2015 [0], in the nice village of St-Cergue, in 
Switzerland [1].

The purpose of a BSP is to bring Debian contributors together to solve 
the maximum amount of bugs in Debian. While we're certainly aware that 
some people are taking bets on the Jessie release date, in any case, 
there will be plenty of bugs to fix, be it for the Jessie release or as 
a bootstrap in the Stretch development cycle!

We invite Debian Developers and Maintainers, regular contributors as 
well as new potential contributors to join this event. Regular 
contributors will be present to help newcomers fix their first bugs or 
scratch their itches in Debian.

This event is organized by the debian.ch association [3], in 
collaboration with Swisslinux.org [4].

For organizational reasons, a registration on the corresponding Debian 
wiki page [5] is mandatory. Please direct any questions to the debian.ch 
community list [6].

OdyX, on behalf of the debian.ch and Swisslinux.org associations

[0] Yes. We're aware of the other relevant European FLOSS event
    organized on the same week-end.
[1] Yes, swiss hackers are organizing a Debian gathering in a small and
    remote swiss village, again. :)
[3] http://debian.ch/
[4] http://www.swisslinux.org/
[5] https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/01/ch/St-Cergue
[6] community@lists.debian.ch

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