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Re: Debian @ LinuxTag 2014-05, Berlin, Germany


the application for a Debian booth at the Linuxtag 2014 in Berlin has
been accepted. See email further down.

Unfortunately it seems that only 2 exhibitor passes are provided for
free, which might make a booth schedule a bit more challenging. I'll get
in touch with the organizer to see if swapping passes is allowed or if
there is a small chance to get additional passes free of charge.

And if you want to help out at the booth please add your names to the wiki:



Dear Christian Körner,

we are excited to inform you, that your application for the project

qualified for a sponsored booth at this year's LinuxTag. Please note
this is just the confirmation of our general acceptance of your
submission. The size and location of the booth will be decided later
mainly depending on the overall amount of accepted project submissions
and the quality of the exhibition concept you provide us using the
virtual conference center and in dialogue with the project committee.

Even though there is plenty of time until the LinuxTag's doors open
from May 8-10, 2014, we encourage you to start your preparations
right now.  First you should ensure that your projects' profile at the
virtual conference center (vcc) is complete:


Please also double check the spelling, since the information you
provide may be used for our website or press announcements. Make sure
that the contact information is up-to-date. If your contact email
address changes, please notify us immediately via email so we can
update our mailinglists.

>From now on you can order exhibitor passes for your booth staff. Since
tickets this year will include professional catering, we have to limit
the amount of free exhibitor passes to 2 per project. Additional passes
can be bought later. We review all orders and approve them manually.
The exhibitor passes enable its possessor to enter the exhibition halls
at Station Berlin a little bit earlier than the general public.
To order exhibitor passes, please use the vcc:


We will also inform you of all relevant deadlines via our email
newsletters. The first newsletter should arrive in a few days.

We have subscribed you to our mailing lists for all participating free
software projects:

 * projects-announce@linuxtag.org - A low traffic, read only list
   where all newsletters and information regarding the free projects
   participation at LinuxTag will be sent to.
 * projects-discussion@linuxtag.org - The official list for sharing
   ideas and discussing everything related to LinuxTag.

In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the
projects committee by mail: projects@linuxtag.org.

Your friendly VCC email bot on behalf of the
Project Committee LinuxTag 2014


On 27/01/14 10:39, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> Hi,
> I started a wiki page for the event:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2014/LinuxTag
> This year LinuxTag will join with droidcon and re:publica, which
> will attract more - and different! - people, many who maybe not
> yet know Debian in detail.
> Not sure, whether I will be in Berlin, so I can't drive this.
> Cheers

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