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Re: The Debian Events Box needs a new home


begin  quotation  from Sylvestre Ledru (in <51A34EBC.7060605@debian.org>):
> On 26/05/2013 22:52, Luca Capello wrote:
> > Given that I will soon leave the Events Team[1][2], the Debian Events
> > Box[3] needs a new home, at least for the machine we have[4].
> > 
> > - Sylvestre is quite active on Debian promotional material since the
> >   rebirth of Debian France as an official Debian Trusted Organization (I
> >   do not remember if this has already been done, but I know that they
> >   want it).
> I am not really planning to use it but I could keep at IRILL and send it
> when needed.

Ok, is this the present state? If yes, is there a way to get the box to
FOSDEM, and which one would be a good one? If no, where is it now?


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