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Re: debian banner / stuff at 30c3

begin  quotation  from Mika Pflüger (in <[🔎] 20131213140146.65daad20@george.anarkia>):
> Hi,
> Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> wrote:
> > Possible also some wheezy DVDs? I think there should
> > be some hundreds still left from Linuxtag...
> Yes, I still have quite some wheezy DVDs; however, I am not coming to
> 30c3, but I can either mail a couple hundred DVDs to a suitable address
> in Hamburg or I can hand them to somebody who is going from Berlin to
> 30c3.

I will. ;)

cu l8r

[...] If you don't want to be restricted, don't agree to it. If you are
coerced, comply as much as you must to protect yourself, just don't support
it. Noone can free you but yourself. (crag, on Debian Planet)
Arne Wichmann (aw@linux.de)

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